This Sheltie puppy we had for sale was inspired to send us a pictureHi, if you would like to contact us you can use the form below. We may only check for new messages once a day. If you have an urgent question or can’t wait for an answer we suggest you call us at 905-393-8827.  Please provide us with a valid email and phone number so we can contact you.

Available Hours:

Monday through Saturday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:  10am-8pm for calls and appointments.
Sundays: No calls or emails will be answered and no appointments available.
Sunday is our family day of rest! Whoohoo! 😉

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 Before contacting us:

  • Before emailing or calling!! Please check out our Puppies For Sale page to see our upcoming litters posted. Thanks!!
  • If you would like to register for a certain breed or cross breed: click here for our Waiting List.
  • Due to the amount of calls and emails we get asking when the next litter will be available, we have waiting lists available, for notification purposes only. Not order of sign up. We will contact anyone who is on our waiting lists as soon as we have a litter available. Hope that helps! 😉
  • We don’t do “special orders”. Sorry, we do get that question. 🙁
  • Communication should be in English please.
  • We are not able to ship any of our puppies, please make arrangements for local pick up. Thank you.

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 Posted on : June 30, 2011 - Last updated on Mar 28, 2017

12 Responses to “Contact Us”
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  1. I have been searching for a lab x newfie cross and have not found someone with pups yet. If anyone knows of pups or a soon to be litter I would really appreciate their contact information.

    Thank you,

    1. Berry & Leanne says :

      Hi Sandra, thanks for contacting us! We had newfie x labs in the past, but most recently have newfie/retrievers bred. Both are super nice! Any info we have will be posted on our site, and if we have a newfie/lab info, it will be under the Newfoundland X article. Thanks for looking!

  2. Hello,
    My name is William, I called you earlier today inquiring about the german shepherdxheeler and australian shepherd heeler and am planning on coming to see the on Tuesday evening. I was just wondering if any of these puppies have begun or done any training whatsoever, or if any have done their crate training/house training? I’m mostly curious about the potty training rather than the simple commands.
    Thanks for your time,


    1. Berry & Leanne says :

      Hi William,
      Great question!
      Potty training with litters is a big undertaking. We do not believe in paper training puppies of this size, and always recommend training them outdoors. As a litter, we have them outside as much as the weather allows, especially in the spring/summer/fall, and when indoors clean up any accidents as necessary. We also time their feeding/water with outdoor time as best possible. Having said this, we do not formally train them, as we always recommend crate training a puppy (this is one puppy in a crate alone, doesn’t work with a litter) and we can educate various ways to quickly train your puppy when you are visiting with us. Due to the amount of time they spend going to the bathroom outside, this does help them to feel more comfortable with elimination outdoors, however there will still need to be training done when they go to their new homes. Some people will claim their 8 week old puppies are “potty trained”, but you will find these puppies will still need education in their new homes, as they are still young babies.
      Hope this helps! We can give you tons more information in person when you visit!
      There are also great articles on this website on crate training your puppy.
      Curious Puppies

  3. Carole Calder says :

    Good morning,
    Just to let you know that Black Magic and I arrived home safely last night …more importantly when he went to bed he slept soundly and did not make a peep all night!!!
    “The girls” (my 2 cats) are not quite sure what to make of him yet but I am pretty certain they will come to love him as much as I do …he is adorable
    Thanks agin and have a great day

    1. Berry & Leanne says :

      That is so fantastic Carole, thanks for letting us know! He is so dear to my heart (black Cocker Spaniels…!) and I am so happy he is in a wonderful loving home!!! Keep in touch!

  4. Do you have any information on when you are planning to have more Golden Newfies? Or do you know of any other breeders that might have some? Thanks!

    1. Berry & Leanne says :

      Sorry, we don’t know of the next newfie retrievers. It could be sometime in the next year if successful, but that doesn’t really help I’m sure 🙁 Unfortunately I don’t know of anyone we can recommend to you either. Best of luck, they are incredible!!

  5. Marlessa Burton says :

    My family and I are wondering if you are going to be having a litter of Cockapoo’s in the spring. We are very interested in welcoming a new puppy to our family.

    Marlessa B.

    1. Berry & Leanne says :

      Hi Marlessa, we do expect some cockapoos in the spring. Details will be sent to our waiting list when they’re ready!! Thanks!!

  6. Christopher Gerosavas says :

    Hi Berry/Leanne. Not sure if you remember me but Tar and I bought Percy (Cockapoo; apricot with a white stripe on his forehead and white on his chest; he had an overbite; 4 years ago today roughly) and I bought Louie (black cocker spaniel when you were putting that huge beam in your main floor renovations; 2 years ago). Not sure if you have what I’m looking for but I have one of Percy’s baby photos you took but there was one more I was hoping to get of him looking up at your camera with him facing right and I can’t find it. If you’re able to find it would be great for our puppy frame for him. Please let me know if you’re able to help. If you reply to my email I’ll send you the photo I have. Hope the reno’s Went well for your guys. Talk soon and god bless. Christopher.

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