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When we were trying to come up with a name many years ago, we only had to watch our playful puppies for a short time before coming up with our name, Curious Puppies. Anyone who has seen little puppies at play will know how curious a little puppy can be! Always wanting to know what is going on, see what is on the other side of something, or just wanting to know what “that tastes like”! Always chewing on something, smelling something, or wanting to dig; puppies are always very curious!

We at Curious Puppies have spent a number of years investing into the young lives of our fostered puppies, and have enjoyed nearly every minute of it! (There is a lot of poop to clean up…!) But overall it has been a wonderful experience for us, our children, and our adult dogs. Our children were very young when we had our first litter of puppies, and they don’t remember life without little curious puppies running around the house or the yard!

Pictured are just some of our memorable times with our curious puppies. We have enjoyed many different litters and breeds, and have fallen in love with so many of them! Our most common breeds are Cockapoo and Goldendoodle puppies. We look forward to the updates and stories from our adopted puppies, and if you have a puppy from Curious Puppies, please send us a testimonial including pictures submitted to the testimonial section on our website. We LOVE to see our puppies as they grow, and hear how loved and spoiled they are!!

From our family at Curious Puppies!!

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 Posted on : September 4, 2009 - Last updated on Mar 15, 2019