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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale – Always A Great Choice!

We have some Amazing Golden Retriever Puppies for saleWhen you think of the most loyal, intelligent, family friendly dog available, golden retriever puppies for sale is likely at the top of your list. Extremely gentle and overall amazing dogs, golden retrievers make excellent pets. They can be used for guide dogs, excel at agility training, and are great for show – but most people just want the smart and obedient dog we all know is typical of golden retriever puppies.

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What Makes Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale So Amazing?

Golden retriever puppies for sale are known for their easy and gentle nature and how quickly they can be trained. They are gentle with children and animals, and are not known for nipping or biting. Golden Retriever puppies for sale can be trained for assistance dogs, use their noses to sniff out trouble, and have been known to protect their own family in certain situations, though not typically as a guard dog. They are usually 60-80lbs full grown and can suit nearly any household (with the exception of those with severe dog allergies).  They also love the water and retrieval games and can swim and play for hours on end. We have heard from multiple people over the years how their children have learned to walk alongside a golden retriever for guidance, or how a golden retriever has kept their child out of trouble. They are always such intelligent and gentle souls who make excellent pets with proper training. Golden retriever puppies for sale do require direction as they grow to show them what is to be expected of them as they are incredibly intelligent. They usually mature past the puppy stage around 1.5 years of age and can be quite playful up until that time.

What Can Be Expected Of Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale?

Gorgeous Golden Retriever Puppies for sale in Ontario and Toronto AreaGolden retrievers come in two main types: English and American. The English Golden Retriever Puppy has a wider, thicker and blockier head, shorter legs, deeper chest, and shorter tail. Generally they are also somewhat heavier than the American golden retriever puppy. The English Golden Retiever type also has rounder and darker eyes than the American counterpart. American types have more triangular and slanted eyes. Both types however should mature 20-22 inches high at the withers for females and 22-24 inches at the withers for males. The American Golden Retriever is longer and lankier in appearance than its counterpart. Golden retriever puppies for sale are known for their thick coats that are dense and water repellent. This is great for those that love to swim and can just shake off most of the water. Colours can vary for both the English golden retriever and American golden retriever from almost white to a deep red or mahogany colour.

Golden retriever puppies should be kind, confident, trusting and friendly dogs. They should be well socialized from an early age and never leave their littermates before 8 weeks of age minimum. This is a highly important time for them to learn proper behaviours and prevent unacceptable behaviours at a later age. Also, no puppy should ever be re-homed without the first vaccination given, proper deworming and a thorough vet check by a licensed veterinarian. Golden retriever puppies for sale will need to be groomed regularly. Giving their coat a daily brush will help keep the shedding under more control and keep their coat at its best, as well as be a cherished bonding time for the dog and owner. The eyes of a golden retriever should also be cleaned weekly.

Potential Problems For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in OntarioGolden retriever puppies generally have an 11-13 year life expectancy. It is a good idea when buying golden retriever puppies for sale to look into pet insurance and start at an early age, as is recommended for all purebred dogs. Golden retriever puppies can come across several different problems throughout their life time, most commonly hip dysplasia. Cancer has been known to affect the breed at later stages in life, as well as cataracts, joint problems or skin allergies.  Proper care of your golden retriever from a young age and regular vet visits will help prevent, detect and care for possible problems. Proper feeding, exercise, socialization, routine vaccinations, flea protection, stool samples, dewormings, and checkups cannot be emphasized enough when caring for your golden retriever puppy!  

Choosing The Right Golden Retriever Puppy For You

Golden Retriever Puppies For SaleDeciding to add any puppy to your family is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. Much consideration should be put into the ideal breed, size of dog, energy level, cost etc that will go along with the choice. The average life expectancy of a golden retriever being over 10 years means it is a long  commitment of a living being and should be thought of carefully. All criteria should be considered before going to visit potential puppies, because once you see golden retriever puppies for sale, you will be hooked for life!



Our young family has been fostering puppies since 2007 and has enjoyed many special breeds and hybrid cross breeds. We simply provide a temporary home to puppies before they are adopted by their forever families. The puppies always enjoy the personal attention from our two children as well as the other dogs in our family, and they are occasionally spoiled even getting to put our children to bed! The puppies also love being able to play with our friends and their children who visit, and it’s always great for them to be exposed to so many different people at the ideal ages.

We have 3 dogs of our own: - Buster, a Boston Terrier x Beagle (also known as a Boggle). - Georgia, a pure bred silky black American Cocker Spaniel. - Dakota, a Landseer Newfoundland dog (Newfie).

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  1. Hi;

    I am looking for a trained puppy. I previously had a puppy,The lady sold me a puppy said its well trained, but not. we had so much problems. The puppy needs to be trained specially to go out and do pee and poo. If you have one send me info.


    1. Berry & Leanne says :

      Hi there. That is one common problem with people selling puppies. Many people are not honest about their puppies being potty trained. They only want to tell people what they think they want to hear, just to sell a dog. This is a terrible practice! We would recommend you buying an older dog from a rescue or a rehoming due to circumstances, or a “puppy” likely at least 6-8 months old, and fully housebroken as a family pet. If the people were trying to sell the puppy all this time and it wasn’t a family pet, there is a still a good chance the puppy is not fully potty trained. Unfortunately, even if a puppy of 6-8 months were house trained, the stress of changing homes can still cause problems/accidents for awhile in a new home. In most cases, you will need to do some retraining or training to get the dog used to your home, or adopt an older dog. Sorry that may not be the answer you are hoping for, but puppies are puppies! Best of luck to you!!

  2. mike mclaughlin says :

    hi there, i am looking for a fun lovling golden retriever puppy! i am moving july 31st and was wondering if there is any puppies that will be for sale august 1st that are around 10 to 11 weeks old if so please message back

  3. Michael Robinson says :

    Looking for golden retriever puppies for sale. I live in the Stirling area….close to Belleville.

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