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Welcome to our brand new website. We have been in business since 2007 and noticed that a lot of people needed assistance after they purchased a puppy. We also noticed that there are a lot of websites out there that provide helpful information, however it may be difficult to find a good site that keeps it all together in one spot. With this website we hope to provide answers to the most common, but also less common, questions and problems with regards to your puppy.

 Posted on : September 4, 2009 - Last updated on Sep 11, 2009



At Curious Puppies we have enjoyed many puppies since 2007. Over the last few years we specialize in Cockapoos and goldendoodle puppies. We love playing with them and giving them all the love and attention they need before they are adopted by their forever families. The puppies always enjoy the personal attention from our two children as well as the other dogs in our family, and they are occasionally spoiled even getting to put our children to bed! The puppies also love being able to play with our friends and their children who visit, and it’s always great for them to be exposed to so many different people at the ideal ages.

We have 3 dogs of our own: - Buster, a Boston Terrier x Beagle (also known as a Boggle). - Georgia, a pure bred silky black American Cocker Spaniel. - Dakota, a Landseer Newfoundland dog (Newfie).

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