Cockapoo Puppies FAQ

cockapoo puppies for sale

Cockapoo Puppies FAQ: What are they all about Why are cockapoo puppies so popular? Cockapoo puppies are becoming a very popular family pet, for many reasons including how good they are with most different situations. They are good with older people, younger, children, and other pets. Cockapoos are good in apartments (when given good exercise), […]

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Sophie the Cockapoo Puppy

Cockapoo puppy for sale

“Thank you so much for bringing so much joy into our lives.”   Hi Leanne, Berry & kids!  First of all, we can’t thank you enough for this wonderful puppy Sophie!  She is an absolute gem.  She had a great first night here at home.  She went to bed around 11:00 last night and woke […]

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