Chester, the Tale of a Springer Spaniel puppy

Meet Chester one of our Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale

“Wouldn’t give him up for the world” Hey Berry and Leanne, its Daryll L.. Just to give you an update and a BIG thank you for everything.  It must be tough to give these pups away cause I have only had him 1 week (CHESTER) and wouldn’t give him up for the world.  Anyways, hes actually […]

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Chester – Springer Spaniel Puppy we had for sale

Chester-Springer Spaniel Puppy for sale 01

“The vet says he is one of the happiest and healthiest dogs she has seen in a very long time” Hey Leanne, its Daryll Lauzon again, just wanted to get you guys an update so you know whats going on with Chester. The vet has given him his last booster, and a very funny story […]

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