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Goldendoodle Puppies

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Gorgeous golden doodle puppiesSomeone told me recently that they had to giggle when they heard the name “goldendoodle” for the first time! That is so cute! They didn’t know what kind of dog that was and had to look it up. Whether you come across the name goldendoodle, golden doodle, goldenpoo, goldie poo, golden retriever poodle, or something completely different altogether, it all comes down to the same great dog!

Goldendoodle Crosses

A goldendoodle (as we prefer to call them here at Curious Puppies) is simply a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. It can be a goldendoodle and a poodle mix, making them 3/4 poodle. Or a goldendoodle and a retriever mix, making them 3/4 retriever. Our common breed is a pure golden to a pure retriever making them a first generation mix. The poodle is always a standard poodle and the puppies usually will mature 55-65lbs on average. (Of course there is always a chance they take after a grandparent or further back and can be a little smaller or larger.)


Personality of the Goldendoodle

The goldendoodle is known for their amazing family friendly personality and their easy-going nature. They are excellent around children and other pets, and great with new people! We have heard of a number of goldendoodles who regularly visit senior homes and care facilities and bring a lot of joy to everyone they see! Due to the mix, they are generally good for most people with mild or moderate allergies, and even many with severe allergies making them an excellent candidate for us on facebook

To view some of our gorgeous goldendoodles as they grow, visit our Facebook page for lots of testimonials and pictures, and families connecting with each other to watch their dogs’ siblings as they grow! Below are also lots of beautiful goldendoodle pictures from our puppies, as well as from their new families as they grow! Enjoy!

Thanks to all our wonderful families for staying in touch and sending in photos and updates over the years!!!