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A lot of people are hearing the term goldendoodle puppies for sale a lot lately and we get asked now and again, “What is a goldendoodle anyway?”A goldendoodle is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, most commonly a golden retriever with a standard sized poodle, however the poodle can also be a mini, or even a toy size! There are also crosses of goldendoodle puppies for sale whose parents are already a goldendoodle hybrid, sometimes to make the puppies for sale smaller in size. This can be helpful for people who want the wonderful personality of a goldendoodle puppy, but not the giant size and weight that comes with them.

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Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale: Description

Goldendoodle puppies for sale can come in a variety of different looks as well as sizes. It all depends on their parents. Our most common goldendoodle puppies used to come from the standard size parents, therefore maturing weight tends to be over 50lbs full grown, usually bigger. They are usually at least as big as a good sized golden retriever. Since many families wanted smaller, we started crossing the golden retriever with a mini poodle. When crossed with a miniature poodle, the goldendoodle puppy would usually weigh between 30-35lbs full grown. Some full size bred with standards have been known to exceed 100lbs, so it is helpful to know the size of parents in this case, if you don’t want one that big! When crossed with a toy, the resulting puppy is usually under 30lbs. When a mini goldendoodle is used with a poodle, weights again will vary. Our experience has been with the F1B, puppies usually mature 15-25lbs. It is helpful at that time to know roughly the size of the parents to get the best estimates. Remember, even within one litter, the weights of individual puppies for sale can vary.

Goldendoodle puppies for sale are also known for their lower shedding of hair than the golden retriever parent. They tend to be compatible for most people with mild allergies. For those who have moderate to severe allergies, it is best to look at a goldendoodle parent crossed with a poodle for best results. Also, with the 3/4 poodle puppies for sale, the shedding will be very mild.

As for colouring, most goldendoodles tend to come in shades of golden as the retriever, from near white to deeper red colours. However, due to the various colours possible, the resulting goldendoodle puppies for sale can also take on different colours, even within the same litter.

Temperament of Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale

Goldendoodle puppies for sale have been bred since the early ’90’s, but have really become quite popular as family pets over the last few years. It isn’t any wonder why once you have met one of these wonderful pets! Goldendoodle puppies have such incredible personalities, that they are very often referred as the best family pet by friends and neighbours. We have heard of people coming to visit us for their own goldendoodle puppy who came because they were one of the only ones on their street without one! Goldendoodles are not known for many negative traits, unless the owner did not put in the time and training into perfecting these wonderful dogs. They are not known for barking, unless trained to do so. They are one of our fastest puppies potty trained, as well as the fastest to learn new tricks! We don’t often recommend treat training, however goldendoodle puppies for sale seem to be one of the breeds who learn best from food rewards! As long as they are not over-fed, it seems to do wonders for their training process. Goldendoodle puppies seem to have the most wonderful way with children, very gentle and loving. They are very affectionate and caring for their families, and extremely loyal dogs! Also, due to the golden retriever and poodle parents, the goldendoodle is one smart dog!! They have very high intelligence and this helps them to learn very quickly. Goldendoodle puppies for sale are all around wonderful in every way.
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Choosing Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale

 The decision to choose a goldendoodle puppy for sale doesn’t seem like a difficult one when you have seen how special these dogs are. You will certainly need to consider if it is a good time to get any type of dog to start with however, and make sure the home is prepared in advance. Also, if you do decide to choose a goldendoodle puppy to add to your home, you will need to consider the size and look you would like. Do you want a more outgoing goldendoodle puppy, or a more quiet and laid back personality? Once you decide to bring goldendoodle puppies for sale to your home, your life will never be the same!