Take a walk in the dog park

Labrador Retriever x Shepherd Puppy

“We love him soooo much” Hello, this is caitlin, proud mom to Koby. I wanted to let you know that he is doing fantastic and we love him soooo much. He is great with our son and cats and he loves attention and is a big suck! Yesturday we took him to the leash free […]

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Hurley and Luna

Hurley Sleeping Puppy

“We love him very much!”   Hi Leanne! Sorry we haven’t wrote sooner, we couldn’t find the email address. We named our puppy Hurley and he is doing great! I am sending you some pics of him and our other dog Luna. They are great friends and we love him very much! He is good […]

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Sleeping through the night, not a peep!

Dokota-a Labrador Retriever x Collie Mix Breed Puppy

“He is perfect…!!!”   Well Hello!   I thought I would give you a quick update on the puppy! So far SO good! He is perfect…!!! The first night he slept right thought the night, not a peep out of him. The past few nights have pretty much been the same. He has woken up a […]

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Mya – Blue Heeler Mix

Mya - Blue Heeler Mix Breed - Puppy

“I would love to send anyone who needs a good puppy your way!” Hi Leanne,I just wanted to send you some photos of Mya, yes I got to name her :). She is an amazing little puppy and fits right in on the farm! She’s definately a smart little girl too, so far she can fetch, shake […]

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Pepperoni Puppy Pizza?? Testimonials – page 3

“He adjusted very quickly” Hello, Just thought we would let you know that Rogue…who we renamed as Dexter is doing very well. He adjusted very quickly and well he still has his puppy days is very well behaved. Here are some pictures for you and thanks again! Lyndsey F.             […]

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