Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale

We always enjoy having wonderful goldendoodle puppies for sale in our family.

Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale: The Hybrid Check out our available goldendoodle puppies for sale A lot of people are hearing the term goldendoodle puppies for sale a lot lately and we get asked now and again, “What is a goldendoodle anyway?”A goldendoodle is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, most commonly a […]

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Cocker Spaniel x Havanese Puppies For Sale

Cocker Spaniel x Havanese Puppies Over the years we have had some pretty amazing litters of puppies. Favourites have become cockapoos puppies and goldendoodles puppies, but pure Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers are still right up there for their incredible personalities. We recently had a litter of Cocker Spaniel and Havanese X puppies born, “cockanese” […]

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Puppies For Sale

Cockapoo puppies for sale are always very sweet!

Welcome to! Please take some time to browse our site. We have lots of valuable tips and information on choosing your new puppy, many articles about our puppies for sale, pages and pages of beautiful testimonials, as well as our Available Puppies For Sale page! Enjoy!  Please visit to see if we have […]

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Sasha – Sheltie Collie Mix Breed Puppy Testimonial

Sheltie / Collie mix breed puppy we had for sale 01

“We are  throughly enjoying her” Hi, we purshased Sasha (female #6, we originally called  her Ninja!) from you October 11 2010.  She is a wonderful pup, we are  throughly enjoying her. Thank you. The Hester’s Georgetown, ON           Testimonial Submitted: March 6, 2011

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Mya – Walkerhound / Blue Heeler Mix Breed Puppy Testimonial

Blue Heeler Walkerhound Puppy For Sale 03

“Absolutely adorable!” Leanne, Jonathan and I just checked out the website and it looks fantastic! We also found Mya’s pictures and they are absolutely adorable! Please feel free to continue posting them if you want 🙂 It’s great to see you guys doing so well with everything 🙂 Regards, Hollie & Jonathan       […]

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Charlie – Puppy Testimonial

“He is a hit with everyone he meets” – Charlie one of our Goldendoodle pups. Hi Berry and Leanne, I just wanted to give you an update on “Charlie”.  He is doing great!  Right now we are both at work and he couldn’t be better behaved; he’s just snoozing on his pillow next to my […]

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