Boomer – Puppy We Had For Sale Testimonial

“We can’t believe how smart he is” Hi Barry:  Sorry it took so long to get back to you but we are spending every minute we can loving up our new puppy Boomer.  When we brought him home the kids looked at him and said we love him already.  We can’t believe how smart he […]

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Charlie – Puppy Testimonial

“He is a hit with everyone he meets” – Charlie one of our Goldendoodle pups. Hi Berry and Leanne, I just wanted to give you an update on “Charlie”.  He is doing great!  Right now we are both at work and he couldn’t be better behaved; he’s just snoozing on his pillow next to my […]

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Charlie a Walkerhound-Blue Heeler Mix Puppy Testimonial

Charlie-Walkerhound Blue Heeler Puppy

“We love him to bits” Hi, my name is Liz Schilke and my boyfriend, Mauricio Gonzalez and I purchased a blue heeler/walker hound cross puppy from you on March 3, 2008.  ‘Charlie’ is doing great, and we love him to bits.  He gets to come with me to the horse barn where I work 6 […]

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Cheeko a Story about A Boston Terrier Puppy

Cheeko Boston Terrier Puppy For Sale 04

“We love our new puppy” Hello Berry and Leanne, Justin and I are just e-mailing you to say thanks again so much, we love our new puppy. We have had a great few days with him, although we have had a few accidents in the house, he’s been pooping and peeing outside which makes us […]

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Puppy Testimonial about Dover

“I surprised my boys with Dover and they burst into tears they were so happy” Hi Berry and Leanne,I bought your male puppy (Lisa from Woodstock). We have named him Dover. (After the race track – we are Nascar fans). I surprised my boys with Dover and they burst into tears they were so happy. I […]

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