Goldendoodle Puppy Waiting List

As of August 9, 2021 we are starting to collect Names and Emails again!
Due to the extreme high volume over the last year we have not used our Waiting List. We will start to test our waiting list again and see how it goes. 

Whenever you receive an email from us about an available litter, it means that those puppies will be READY TO GO HOME THAT WEEK! We do not send emails about litters weeks or months away. All other instructions will be provided IN THAT email. 
PLEASE NOTE: by being on our waiting list does NOT guarantee a puppy, it is NOT used in order of sign up. We simply send an email to everyone on the list at the same time. It is therefore more like a “notification list”, rather than a waiting list.

To get notified when we have a MINI GOLDENDOODLE litter available please fill in your info here:

Please also read our “CURRENT PROCEDURE” on our “Puppies For Sale” page for up-to-date changes due to covid and/or other restrictions.