Beginner Training - Week 1

Welcome to Week 1! Start by watching the videos first, so you know what to expect to accomplish this week. All your lessons are explained in great detail in the Resource File for this week. I highly recommend you print out the Resource File and keep it handy as you perform the commands this week.

Lesson 1:

Teach Your Dog How To Sit

Teach Your Dog How To Sit
To get your dog to put its bum on the ground when you say “Sit”, without having to move the treat over its head and to stay in that position for a few seconds without getting up right away.

Lesson 2:

Teach Your Dog How To "Watch Me"

Teach Your Dog How To “Watch Me”
You want to have your dog make eye contact first before they get the treat when you say “watch me”.

Keep practicing these commands all week.
When you feel that your dog is ready you can move on to Week 2!