Beginner Training - Week 3

Welcome to this weeks Training! Only 2 lessons this week, but Lesson 7 (Teach Your Dog to Take It or Leave It) usually takes a while to get under control! And it actually has 2 commands in it for your dog. Start by watching the videos first, so you know what to expect to accomplish this week. All your lessons are explained in great detail in the Resource File for this week. I highly recommend you print out the Resource File and keep it handy as you perform the commands this week.

Lesson 6:

Teach Your Dog To Lay Down

Teach Your Dog To Lay Down
Lay down is one of the most basic commands you can teach your dog.
It will be used a lot throughout his lifetime.

Lesson 7:

Teach Your Dog To Take It And Leave It

Teach Your Dog To Take It And Leave It
We are going to teach your dog to leave something when he’s not allowed to have it yet.
Only when you give the okay, he’s allowed to take it.

Keep practicing these commands all week.
When you feel that your dog is ready you can move on to Week 4!