Should I Have Pet Insurance?

Why or Why Not Should You Have Pet Insurance?

Should I Have Pet Insurance?
Many pet insurance companies will allow you to pick your own monthly payment, but that will affect your deductible and/or the percentage of their coverage. 
Not every company will cover 100%, some may cover 80% or even less. 
BERRY’S SNEAKY SUPER TIP: If you are not concerned over immediate coverage, here’s a cool tip:  Set up a special “My Dog” savings account at your bank. Then setup automatic payments to this account. Whatever you are comfortable with: Could be a weekly amount, bi-weekly or monthly. Most Pet Insurance Companies start between $50-$60/month. Instead of paying them… Put that amount away yourself in a savings account. IF you never need it, you will have a nice chunk of change sitting there in about 12-15 years… If you DO need it, at least it doesn’t hit you as hard as not having saved up anything…
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