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Cockapoo Puppies At Play – Watch What Happens When They Discover Something New!

puppies for sale cockapoos

Check out what these curious COCKAPOO puppies discover as they are playing with a few new toys!     Cockapoo puppies are so much fun to watch! Puppies are so entertaining and have so much fun when they learn new things! These puppies are no different…check out our available puppies for sale here.

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Puppy Photo Contest

Gorgeous Golden Retriever puppies!

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Winners are posted below.  [youtube id=”w9RVnyUCpZ4″ mode=”normal” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”800″]   Submit a picture of your dog or puppy and you could win one of these prizes!! The Winners of our Puppy Photo Contest 2013:       How to Participate:   Step 1 Go to and “Like” us Step […]

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40 Super Funny Dogs

40. Hopping up the stairs.   Source: 39. Diving corgi.   Source: 38. Flying dog.   Source: 37. Am I seeing double?   Source: 36. Swimming dog or so it seems   Source: 35. Just wait here while I check something out…   Source: 34. Bulldog on a trampoline   Source:   Source: 33. Happy […]

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Fun with Retrievers!

  Source: via Curious Puppies on Pinterest   Puppy Meme   “You will never be this happy”   *   *   *   *   *     Source: via Curious Puppies on Pinterest    Puppy Meme   “Wasn’t sure which stick you threw…   So I got em all…   and a ball.”    * […]

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Fun with Dogs!

  Source: via Curious Puppies on Pinterest   Puppy Meme   “Oh boy, we’re going to the park! V-E-T spells park, right?”         Source: via Curious Puppies on Pinterest   Puppy Meme   “Gate left open   Still in yard”  

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Guess what kind of puppy this is?

Puppy Meme: “If I don’t get a treat, I’m not all ears…”   Guess what kind of puppy this is? Share to find out the answer: It’s a German Shepherd x Husky mix breed  

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Dakota, our Landseer Newfoundland dog on her first birthday

Picture of Dakota, our Landseer Newfoundland dog on her first birthday. We had a party for our daughter’s 7th birthday on Dakota’s 1st birthday. She enjoyed all the kids, all 12 of them (!!) She was so good and behaved so well. One of the boys put a pirate hat on her and she didn’t […]

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Many Years of Fun at Curious Puppies!

We at Curious Puppies pride ourselves on providing a temporary loving family home for puppies from the time they are being weaned to their forever homes. We started fostering puppies in the summer of 2007 and have enjoyed many litters and breeds since then. We have also adopted our own family of dogs in the […]

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Here Weego – Bud Light Super Bowl XLVI Ad

Here Weego in Bud Light Dog Commercial

Super Bowl XLVI Dog CommercialsPosted by Berry This years Super Bowl XLVI had a lot of dogs in their ad campaigns. No wonder because as the most viewed sports event in the year, marketing companies like to touch on emotions to be remembered and what better way than man’s best friend?? Here are the commercials […]

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Chubby Dog

Puppy Bolt

Bolt, the Star in “The Dog Strikes Back” Commercial This years Super Bowl had a new superstar: named Bolt. The star in this commercial by Volkswagen. A little spin on last years commercial from the Super Bowl. I think Bolt is a pretty cute dog. He is an Australian Sheperd/St. Bernard mix. I have found […]

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Singing Star Wars Dogs

These Puppies Sing the Imperial March

Dogs Bark Star Wars Imperial MarchPosted By Berry OK, I’ll admit, I like Star Wars… And yes, I couldn’t wait for my kids to be old enough to start watching the movies with me. This year Volkswagen came out with a follow up from last years Super Bowl commercial, where a tiny Darth Vader tried […]

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