Advanced Training - Final Exam

Congratulations! You made it to the end of this Advanced Training Class. Your dog has learned a lot of commands over the last few weeks and expanded on existing ones. This is quite the accomplishment, because most dogs aren’t capable to stay in the state you commanded them for a very long time! Are you ready for the your Final Exam? Go get ’em tiger! Pass this test and you will be way more advanced then when you first started your training! Awesome! Again, congratulations, this is a great achievement that will pay for itself for many years to come!

Final Exam

Final Exam
Now it’s time to show off you dogs’ new skills! Ask some friends or family to come over (tell them there is free food – usually helps) and tell them you’re about to perform your Final Exam in order to get your certificate!
When you pass your exam you may print out your Advanced Training Certificate from the Resource file below!

This is the end of the Advanced Training Class. I suggest you keep using your commands because you will want your dog to stay in this well-behaved state. 

What’s next? 
Well, most dog owners are satisfied when they reach this level. But there are many different kinds of other forms of training you can do with your dog. Anywhere from Search-and-Rescue, to specialized training for special needs people, to agility training. 
For now this is where we finish! Thank you for participating and we wish you many happy, well-behaved years with your dog!