No Bling for Boys!

“Be sure to kiss your children and thank them — they play a HUGE role in getting the pups used to younglings”

Rumpy-Cockapoo puppyHi!
It’s Candace and Jason. We just wanted to give you an update to let you know that Rumpy is doing amazing! He is mat trained (he’s already going on the mat on his own!) and has not had an accident since Wednesday! He is responsive and always willing to please us! He nibbles at your fingers and nose but is learning VERY quickly when we say “Kongs” to go get his kong and have himself a nice chew. He’s just so wonderful, he does not bark when you walk in the room, he does not bite the children that come and visit (as a matter of fact, be sure to kiss your children and thank them — they play a HUGE role in getting the pups used to younglings). Surprisingly, he’s VERY laid back as a puppy. His favorite thing to do is sit our belly when we lay on the couch and watch TV. Rumpy MUST sleep in bed with us, if he’s not in our bed, no one sleeps. But when he is in our bed, he snuggles between our pillows and sleeps through the ENTIRE night! He doesn’t even wake up to our vicious snoring (haha). I can’t thank you both enough for breeding such an amazing little jewel. I’ve enclosed a little picture that is already melting the hearts of our friends and family (BOY, does he love to pose), I hope you enjoy it, I will be sure to include you as a recipient of any photos that we can’t help but take.

Please take care and accept our many thanks for an amazing little pup!


Candace and Jason L.


Testimonial Submitted:  February 22, 2008


“Spoiled rotten already”

Berry…just thought we would drop a line and let you know we had the pups at the vets and she is very happy with them.  They have started to potty train.  My younger son has been doing a very good job taking care of them. He really suckies Sadie.  The 2 of them are spoiled rotten already. We got home from your place and left them with my son and when to Petsmart.  They have a cage they share.  We have gated them to the kitchen, and they come out when I know they have no more PEE in them.  This morning after I let them out they came up onto the bed for about 2 hours.  They loved snoozing on the bed. Sadie has a pink collar with bling and TML has a blue collar with no bling(Dave says no bling for boys).  Open the attachment to see them at play.

Sandra and Dave

Testimonial Submitted:  March 13, 2008

May 19, 2008 Update:

Just thought I would drop you a line.  I see you have more pups up for sale.  TML and Sadie are doing great.  They have developed very different personalities.  TML has become a mama’s boy and Sadie is the Boss.  TML likes to spend as much time with me as he can get and loves to snuggle.  Sadie will only come for a snuggle when her brother is getting the attention.  They are almost potty trained.  Still a couple of accidents here and there.  They are totally different in size and colouring is different as well.  Sadie has lots of white and TML(Timal) is almost completely black.  They each have different fur as well.  They have been to the groomers and they seemed to like it okay and next month they will go to be fixed and microchipped.  Our vet is very please at the personalities, she said she was worried when we first brought them because they were very timid.  We love to go for walks(they drag us!),not trained to walk very well yet.  When I get some recent pics on the computer I will send you some.  You probably will be shocked at how different they are.  They are a handful but I love them to pieces.

Hi Leanne,

How are you? I hope you and your family are well. […] Jack is doing well. He really likes the snow (like you said) and we bought him a little coat to help keep him warm in the winter weather. We are so happy to have him in our family.Julie & Jay
Testimonial Submitted:  January 16, 2008

“Can’t imagine our lives now without her!”

Hi Leanne

Happy New Year to you!
I just thought I would send you a picture of Miffy now she is five months old! She is a lovely puppy and we love her so much. The early days of nibbing everything in sight are long gone and she has settled into a wonderful routine and is an absolute pleasure to have. Can’t imagine our lives now without her!

Judith N.

Testimonial Submitted:  January 5, 2008


“My aunt and uncle loved the puppy and would like one as well”

Hi Leanne,

The puppy is doing great. He was a little upset last night, but I guess he has to adjust to a new home. I was wondering if you are going to be getting any more maltipoo’s. My aunt and uncle loved the puppy and would like one as well. Preferably a small male in a beige colour. If anything comes up can you please let me know.


Testimonial Submitted:  August 16, 2007

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