Zoey, a gorgeous Cockapoo! Now over 4 years old!!

Cockapoo puppies

Hi Leanne. Like I said, we picked up Zoey from your house around March 10, 2010 and estimate that her date of birth would be around mid-January 2010.  She had three sisters and one brother.  Here are pictures of her being hugged by my wife and son, going down a slide, getting ready for a winter night’s walk and resting after her favourite game of fetch with her orange ball.  Zoey gets four walks daily and rotates sleeping in various bedrooms because we all fight over her.  When I get out of bed at 5:30 am on a work day, she just hops on the bed and takes my place.  She lets us brush her teeth every night and knows to rinse afterwards.  We let her off-leash only in parks because she will tear after a rabbit or squirrel and we’re scared of that happening anywhere near moving vehicles.  Please feel free to post these pictures and her “bio” on your website.  We love her and are very proud of her.

One of our neighbours likes Zoey’s appearance and asked for a recommended breeder so we gave them your website address.  We hope to see another cockapoo on the street soon.


Thanks, Steve R.

Testimonial submitted May 15, 2014

(Curious Puppies note: Zoey is a cockapoo and was born on January 11, 2010. If you have a sibling, we’d love to hear from you!!)


Zoey CP 3Zoey CP 2


Zoey CP 4