Chester, the Tale of a Springer Spaniel puppy

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“Wouldn’t give him up for the world”

Hey Berry and Leanne, its Daryll L.. Just to give you an update and a BIG thank you for everything.  It must be tough to give these pups away cause I have only had him 1 week (CHESTER) and wouldn’t give him up for the world.  Anyways, hes actually really good for 8 weeks. He has a few accidents here and there but usually he cries to go outside and then i cant get him back I think the whole country space is overwheming for him right now and he doesn’t know where to go to next.  Hes just unbelievably cute and very affectionate. Do have any tips besides the obvious NO or holding his mouth shut for a few seconds to stop the hand and foot biting? Hes got a vet appointment on tuesday to start the rest of the shots etc. I will attach some pics for ya, and again i thank you so much….take care guys

Daryll L.

Daryll's Dog: Chester - Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale

Cute Springer Spaniel Puppy for sale: Chester

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Testimonial Submitted: September 13, 2008