Ace – the Bulldog x Pug

Bulldog x pug puppyHi Berry and Leanne,

Sorry for taking so long in getting some pictures for you, but here is Ace !! We picked him up on January 2, 2013…..he sure has grown !! He was 11.8 lbs at our last visit on January 18th, 2013….so we are sure he must be close to 13 or 14 lbs now.
Things are going very well !! He’s had almost all his vaccinations, he gets his third round on Wednesday !!
We are really enjoying him!! Thanks so much, hope you enjoy the pictures !!
He’s a charmer !!Ace - bulldog x pug (a boy and his dog)

Hi….After the first night (when he was up at 2am), Ace was up at 4 am the next night, then from that day on he has slept right through the night without any issues !! It’s amazing….he is an angel !! lol

Hi…this should be it. We have lots, but thought we’d send you just a sampling.

He’s not spoiled at all….lol !!

Anita and Gary

(Curious Puppies note: Ace was born on October 24, 2012. If you have a sibling, we’d love to hear from you!)

Testimonial submitted: February 17, 2012