Available Cockapoo Puppies

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Cockapoo puppies for sale.

Incredible Cockapoo Puppies! Some of our wonderful cockapoo puppies we have had are pictured here, with a little note from their families! Cockapoos make wonderful family dogs, as can be seen in these pictures. Ask any one of these families, they have changed their lives! Visit us on our facebook page to see many more of our cockapoo puppies and their families showing them off!! 


Cockapoo puppies are super smart, fun-loving and so family oriented. They want to be with people and are so happy when they make you happy! Come visit us and our cockapoo puppies to see what they can bring to your home!




Adorable cockapoo puppies for saleHere is a picture of Dakota (born April 25, 2012) and Maggie (born March 12, 2014) .. best friends
The most adorable, affectionate cockapoos .. love them both!!



Bean cockapooHi guys! ♡ Bean! Xox








Birthday cockapoo puppiesPenny enjoying her new pool for her 1st Birthday!!! My beautiful baby girl just celebrated her 1st birthday on June 29th! Where did the time go? Love you to the moon and back Penny! xxoo



puppies cockapooHere’s 7-month-old Wilson; born November 14, 2013. We love him to pieces! Thank you guys!





Shelby stunning cockapoo puppyOur cockapoo Shelby is now 7 months old (Nov 6/13 litter) and doing fantastic! She is a little devil still at times, and loves to steal our 2 year olds toys and our food off the table (we’re working on that one!) but you can’t stay mad at her for too long!! She can sit, lay down, roll over and shake a paw. She also understands off, give and leave it, though doesn’t always listen to those commands! She loves people and expects everyone she sees on our walks to give her belly rubs!!



We have cockapoo puppies available throughout the year. Our puppies will always come vet checked, vaccinated with first needle, dewormed, with a 2 year health guarantee, food they are eating, and lots of training. As experts in dog training and puppy training, we can tell you everything you need to know to make training your new cockapoo puppy as effortless as possible!