Adorable Border Collie X – Penny!

Adorable Border Collie x puppy“She is such a sweetheart, a very affectionate dog.”


Hello Berry and Leanne

Remember me?  I came to you with my 4 sisters and 3 brothers!  I was adopted by the crazy Griffins and have been having a ball!

The first picture was on my first day in my new home and the second picture is what I look like now! (Curious Puppies note: we reversed the pictures here – first is “now” and the second is “first day home”)

Thanks for helping me out!

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HI Leanne
Sure – add her to the testimonial site.  She is a sweetheart, a very affectionate dog.  Very trying at this puppy stage with her biting, but she’s crate training well and we will soon have her in obedience classes in April. 
Thanks again!
Alison G.Border Collie x puppy - Penny