Beautiful Mya – 5 Years Old Already!

Mya enjoying a boat ride

“Thank you…for this sweet little girl who has made our lives complete.”

Hi Leanne and Berry!

I hope you and you family are doing well, it certainly looks like you’ve been finding a lot of wonderful homes for some sweet puppies! I just thought I would check in and send some pictures of our Mya. She’s just turned 5, and is aging gracefully I might add! Mya was an absolute joy the moment we brought her home and she continues to teach us both lessons that only a dog can share. I’ve thanked you before and I will again for this sweet little girl who has made our lives complete.Mya-part of the engagement! Photo by Splash Photography

Love Hollie, Jonathan and Mya

P.s. She made it into our engagement photos as well!

Testimonial submitted: March 4, 2013

Curious Puppies note: Mya was born on January 10, 2008 and is a border collie x blue heeler mix. If you have one of her littermates, we would love to hear from you!