Boomer – Puppy We Had For Sale Testimonial

“We can’t believe how smart he is”

Hi Barry:  Sorry it took so long to get back to you but we are spending every minute we can loving up our new puppy Boomer.  When we brought him home the kids looked at him and said we love him already.  We can’t believe how smart he is.  It took us less than 5 minutes to teach him how to sit and shake the paw. He has really been amazing with the peeing/pooping training as he barks or whines when he needs to go out. He is also quite the little watch dog too barking at strangers.  I promise to send pictures soon (we already must have a thousand of them!) We can’t believe how much he has grown in 2 weeks! Thanks again and we will keep in touch.

Debbie, Shawn, Chelsey, Cole, Kayla and Boomer McBride

Testimonial Submitted: September 15, 2010