Newfoundland x Golden Retriever Puppies!

Newfie x Golden Retriever Puppies! 

Newfie Retrievers make excellent family dogs - beautiful and loyal petsSorry, we are no longer breeding these amazing puppies. 🙁

This litter of newfie retrievers have a golden retriever mom and a Newfoundland dad. Dad, Mr. McGregor, is a giant Landseer Newfoundland dog of about 170-180lbs. Newfie x retriever puppies for saleHe has sired many litters over the years and they have all been wonderfully amazing, happy and healthy dogs! Our own Newfie Dakota is one of his litters from June 2011. She is on site for viewing.   

These puppies are mainly black with white touches and are super soft and fluffy! They will be giant dogs fully grown, averaging around 100lbs plus. Newfoundland Retrievers are known to be amazing family dogs, gentle giants, as both breeds are wonderful family dogs. Very affectionate, smart, loyal and loving. They tend to be water lovers and should enjoy swimming when the occasion comes up! Unfortunately both breeds are heavy shedders and do not do well with those who have allergies to dander, or do not want to clean up the hair. We have found that shaving our own Newfie down in the spring helps keep the hair clean up to a minimum, if that helps 🙂

Some pictures of our previous litters of Newfie x Retrievers are posted below. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous dogs!