How To Buy Cockapoo Puppies

Cockapoo puppies for sale Ontario

We Love Cockapoo Puppies!

Cockapoo puppies are our most common breed, and there are many obvious reasons why! Just look at how cute they are and you’ll be in love! We at Curious Puppies have had many wonderful litters of cockapoo puppies since we started in 2007. We have loved watching so many of our pups grow up with regular Facebook updates and emails, as well as phone calls and even visits! That is so amazing! Cockapoos are truly wonderful dogs! For more info on Cockapoo puppies specifically visit our FAQ page.

How To Buy A Cockapoo Puppy

At Curious Puppies we have had so many requests for our puppies, that we have decided to set up our waiting list in such a way that works the best we can. If you are interested in one of our puppies, please browse throughout our website as there is lots of valuable information for you. Also check out our testimonials here as well as on our Facebook page, which is the most common and up to date place to see them. When you feel you would like to join our waiting list, simply add your name and email to the right box on our waiting list tab at the top of the page. We will send an email with information of available puppies for sale when they are close to 8 weeks old. This list is used primarily as a notification list simply because there are so many desires for timing, male/female, colour, hair type and so on that asking you to pick from a specific litter is simply unfair. We also do not take deposits up front, we prefer to wait until the litter is closer to the going home age. Then we are happy to hold your puppy on deposit for a short time while you get prepared.

Training Your Puppy

If you would like valuable information about choosing the right dog for you, bringing them home, what you need to buy, crate training and other important information for the first few months home, please check out our video course available online.

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