Puppy Testimonial – November 2008

“My parents are very happy they chose me”

Hi Berry and Leanne!
I’m sorry that my new mommy and daddy are not attaching a photo of me, but I live with them out in the country now and high speed is not an option and mommy says she doesn’t have time to upload a picture of me!  I’m doing really, really good!  I have so much room to run and play, I’m a tired little boy at the end of the day!  I haven’t made any messes in our house, my mommy and daddy are very impressed with me.  My new brother Jason and sisters Rebecca, Elizabeth and Mackenzie give me so much love that my mommy sometimes get jealous!  I’ve been on tractor rides already and have driven all the way to Kitchener to meet my cousin’s Roxy and Kirby.  I fall asleep in moving vehicles, even in my daddy’s coat when I’m on the tractor!  I pooped in my Grandma and Grandpa’s garage, but no one get’s mad at me…it’s awesome!  I miss you, but know that my parents are very happy they chose me and just can’t get enough of my handsome good looks!  I’ll send a photo soon, bye for now…TRAX!  PS:  I puked in mommy’s Avalanche on the way home, she didn’t get mad through, she just cuddled me.  She new I was nervous and I haven’t done it since!
Susan Ziegler
Testimonial Submitted: November 2, 2008