Riley – Sheltie x Collie Puppy Testimonial

“Thanks again for such a great little guy!” 

Berry and Leanne,

We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that our sheltie/collie pup that we purchased from you January is doing great!  We’ve named him Riley, and just as you said, he is a bundle of energy.  He’s getting along well with our cat Socrates, who is very easygoing and just runs away if he’s feeling unsafe. We’re teaching Riley that the cat is not another puppy to play with.

Riley loves to bark for attention, but he has mostly figured out how to ask to go outside even though we live in an apartment. He didn’t have any trouble starting to walk on a leash, although he is still pulling me a lot. We’re working on that, and when he’s calm he doesn’t pull much at all. Oh, at his first vet’s appointment they mentioned he had a little bit of the parasite you mentioned, but the treatment was only $17 so we just treated him ourselves instead of coming all the way back to Hamilton. Not a huge issue at all!

I’ve put a number of photos of him on my blog, both from his first week <> and more recently <>. Thanks again for such a great little guy!

Steve & Jena Hayward

Testimonial Submitted: March 19, 2011