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Meet Huxley, a goldendoodle puppy

“PERFECT little man”

Hi Leanne and Berry,

I just wanted to let you know that I gave your email out (hope that’s ok!!??) to a woman who is REALLY interested in getting a golden doodle in the near future. I told her to contact you but no guarantee of when you would have doodles 🙂

Huxley, our PERFECT little man, is doing GREAT 🙂 He is loving that I’m off for the summer – big suck!
I attached a new pic of how HUGE he is getting already!

Hope all is well on your end 🙂

Jaclyn, Neale and Huxley 

Goldendoodle Pup For Sale -Huxley




 Testimonial Submitted:  August 15, 2008


“I thank you guys so much!”

Hi Leanne, How are you? “Lucy” is doing wonderful 🙂 She has been 2 the vet (Tuesday) & is a very healthy pup! She weighs 3lbs 🙂
She loves her new home & family members…my husband can’t wait 2 met her when he returns home! I thank you guys so much! I have added you 2 my contacts. Take care, I’ll be in touch soon :)\

Testimonial Submitted: August 7, 2008


“My mom was instantly smitten”

Hello! I had the chance to meet one of the Golden Doodles you fostered and sold to a Jaclyn M. and my mom was instantly smitten. She recently lost her Golden Retriever and is at a loss but when she met Huxley, one of yours, she had renewed HOPE! Could you please let us know when another litter may be available to look at and possibly purchase? This is all new to me but my mom is so excited at the prospect of getting a new furry ‘FRIEND’, she would be amazing with and LOVE to pieces. E-mail me anytime or you can call and speak with her directly with any iniformation. Her name is Gloria (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Thank-you and have a great weekend!!!!

Testimonial Submitted:  August 15, 2008


Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to fill us in on the puppies. I spoke to my mom and she really wants a male, golden doodle from the same parents as Huxley, if possible. These dogs are beautiful but she’d really like more retreiver in the mix, like Huxley. If you have any info. on this, please let us know. We appreciate all that you’ve done thus far. Thanks again!!!!

Testimonial Submitted:  August 20, 2008


“We want another one!”

Hey guys…..me again! Do you still do the “puppy” thing? We love Rocky so much, we want another one! Any Pom cross you come across, can you email me to let me know? I would really appreciate it. We take him to the dog park all the time and he gets along so well with other dogs that we thought he should have a “friend” 🙂

Enjoy your long weekend!!!!!


Testimonial Submitted: August 30, 2008


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