Beautiful and Playful Bella!

“We are so happy we had found her”
Bella is definitely an odd ball as she is in love with being outside in our backyard! Bella has been on one long road trip & was a trooper the whole way (she travelled 15 hours up north to meet the rest of the family) ! She also enjoys digging holes, eating sticks and leaf’s. Bella is very protective over her house, her masters, and the newest addition to the family: an orange kitten 🙂 Bella has many friends in the neighbourhood and enjoys meeting ANY dog that comes her way. She loves to explore and play fight, she has learned something new everyday.
Bella’s favorite is marrow bones & any seasoned bone that she can get in her mouth.
Bella has become better with staying when told, sitting, laying down, and even running off the leash 🙂
We are so happy we had found her, but are so interested in seeing the her brother’s & sisters, we’ve become very curious about her breed also. 
The first 2 pictures were taken on her 6 month birthday 🙂 The rest are various from 4-6 months old! You can see how much shes been growing 🙂
Hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂
Talk soon!
Alexis & Ian
Testimonial Submitted: June 5, 2012
Hello there!! The family with Bella the puggle mix :)!

We were curious to know if any of Bella’s brother & sisters owners had sent new pictures?! Im curious to see how big the males got, Bella weighs 45 pounds!! We will attach a couple new pictures 🙂 [Curious Puppies edit: 1st 3 pics below are new photos]
I fell in love with the new puppies your selling, the bulldog x pug. Beautiful babies!!
Take care!!
Alexis & Ian
Testimonial Submitted: December 26, 2012