Testimonials from our Puppy Clients

Happy Mommy with New Newfoundland x Golden Retriever Puppy

” I CAN NOT take this grin off my face!!!”

 I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my puppy!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks !!! Do you remember us? Jim came to your place last Friday morning and brought me back Friday night to get OUR NEW PUPPY from you! OH MY GOODNESS I thought I was happy before !!! I CAN NOT take this grin off my face!!!
THANK YOU BERRY !!!!!! We have called this little boy KING ARTHUR -he is SUCH a delight and in the morning he is so happy to see me that his wagging tail makes him tip over ! hahaha He learned very quickly the word “outside”. We took him to the vet and he was supposed to be 10 pounds at 7 weeks – he was 15 pounds! 🙂 YAHOO I wanted a giant dog and we got a gentle giant. He makes me howl, he has my heart and he KNOWS it! He has the PERFECT personality – loves us, he has claimed an area in the kitchen, byhis water dish (!) as his preferred bed, he is content to NOT be in the cage at night. […]SOOOOOOOOOO in case you did not see, I am VERY pleased with our puppy!! […]

Thank you Berry and Leanne!
Cheers ! Shelley S.


“I love her lots and lots”

I am three months old on Sunday January 25th – Gramma says that I am very grown up – I love the bitter cold – I love to lie on the deck with my face in the fierce wind – Gramma says that I am maybe misidentified and that I am really a sled dog – she thinks that she should get a dog house for me and I can just live outside in the freezing cold – Gramma takes me out everyday and plays all and snowballs with me – I love her lots and lots – she loves me lots and lots too – Grampa is his usual too busy for us self – oh brother – who is Grampa anyway? – Gramma always talks about him but I never see him – I thinks Gramma is teasing me I don’t think there is really a grampa at all – he is a myth – I am convinced of it – the snow is very deep at my house – I LOVE THE SNOW – my papa bought me a new kennel before he went back home on the plane (what’s a plane???) – he loves me too – I guess you have to be loved when you are the cutest puppy in the entire world – Gramma tells me lots of puppy stories – she is very funny – Grampa has a lot of people here every day chopping up his bathroom and the laundryroom and kitchen floors – Grampa calls it renovating – I call it annoying – so does Gramma – Grampa has lots of wallpapering and painting to do – our house is a mess and I mean a mess – Gramma is ALWAYS saying now what??? – Gramma says “Time for bed Baby Gund” – I love my snuggly bed all cosy and soft – Bye Bye – Chester – aka Baby Gund xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Happy New Year PuppyPuppy playing in the snowA Puppy can't have enough Toys


“He already seems to be house trained”

Hello my husband bought the wavy haired puppy from you on the 22 of this month and he already seems to be house trained so I wanted to ask you if you trained him? He is a great dog that we love very much we named him Tico. I am sending you a few pics of him thanks

Puppy relaxing on floorPuppy looking at camera


“We love him..”

Dear Mr. and Mrs. van Loenen
Hello…this is Ashley and Marc. we recently purchased the brown and black puppy from you and just thought you would like to know how the little guy is doing. We named him Kotalik and he is doing great. He listens pretty good and responds to his name. He is still really playful and gets a long pretty well with our ferret, but can be a little rough at times, but he is still just a puppy. But he is learning to take it easy. He is very cuddly, which we like. How are his brothers and sisters doing??
Attached i have some pictures of him for you guys to see.
Thanks again for the puppy. we love him..
Ashley and Marc

Pug puppy thinks you can't see him Pug x Puppy with toy in mouthPug x Puppy having some more hide-and-seek funPug x Puppy and Ferret friend


“We just love her to pieces!”

hi there, meatball is doing great and we just love her to pieces! i have found she is an extremely rare mix. if there are ever anymore of these pug/sharpei pups available in the future please let me know as i would love another one! honestly if it hadn’t been so close to christmas and i never deviate from my monthly budgets i would have gotten meatball and the male my son loved. so if there is any chance of another litter please let me know and i will let my son have his pick, or rather the one that picks him! […] also something you may want to pass on to prospective puppy buyers , toronto is opening a low cost spay neuter clinic next month costing only fifty dollars for a spay or neuter. i will send pictures soon.

Pug x Sharpei Puppy with new friendPug x Sharpei Puppy sleeping with new friendA Boy and his dog: Pug x Sharpei Puppy - Buddies for life!!


“Just wanted to thank you guys for all the time and effort in helping us after the fact.”

Fonzi is a wonderful pup, he just needs more attention than imaginable. I am trying to remind myself that we are following the guidlines and everything will work out. I am going to work with him time and time again until he does not pee inside but gradually teach him that I am coming back and being left alone is temporary. Easier said than done. It seems if I leave him alone especially out of the crate he has a #1 accident, he is however perfect with #2. We couldn’t have asked for a cuter and sweeter puppy. Thanks again. If anyone needed a new puppy I would tell them to contact you!
Matt, Mel and the kids 

 “Absolutely delighted with our dog”

 Hi there, My husband and I bought a [puppy] off you last year right around this time (Jan 18/08) and are absolutely delighted with our dog. We were wondering if you are still selling dogs and if so can you let us know if you have a litter or Retrievers or Golden Doodles coming up.
Thanks, Lorraine

Goldendoodle Puppy with toy ballGoldendoodle puppy close-up playing outside in the snow


“I can’t imagine life without him now”

Hi Leanne!

I just wanted everyone to know that Lincoln is doing just fine. He slept through the night and is adjusting very well to his new home. He has already made friends with the cat and surprisingly the cat likes him too, it’s so cute to watch them play together. I did make an appointment for him at the vet to get his next set of shots so he will be doing that on Friday morning. I’ve attached some pictures so you can see that he is doing well and having fun. Thank-you so much for this puppy I can’t imagine life without him now I love him so much.

~Sam A.~

—Update —

Hey Leanne,

It’s Sam A. I got a puppy from you in June. I just wanted to send a little update so you would know how he is doing. He is great! I love him so much and could not imagine life with out him. He has grown into a very smart little guy and he is just as cute as the first time i saw him! We had some issues for a while with excessive barking and chewing and had to move from our apartment but since the move he has done a total 360 and is behaving better then ever! I can’t thank you enough for bringing this sweet little angel into my life. I have attached some photos so you and your family can see what a good boy he has turned out to be. Thanks again.


Puppy posing for cameraPuppy showing off new bedCat as big as puppy


“I could not ask for a more perfect pup”

Hey there guys! It’s Celine who brought home one of your beautiful female goldendoodles!
I have named her Nya. I just wanted to let you know that she is doing amazing! I could not ask for a more perfect pup! My family is loving her too! She is learning very fast and got a clean bill of health when I took her to the vet. I have her on a regular routine of eating, exercise and bathroom in which she is totally getting the hang of! I also wanted to thank you for letting me take home one of your pups. I am sooooooo in love with her! I’m pretty sure she loves it here too! Anyways I have attached some pics of her you might like to take a peek at. So enjoy!
Once again thank-you.

Goldendoodle puppy sleepingI LOVE my Puppy PillowGoldendoodle Pup posingGoldendoodle Puppy posingGoldendoodle Puppy playing in the snow


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