That Boggles My Mind

Molly-Small Boggle Puppy we had for sale

“She is much loved”

Hey Leanne & Berry,
As promised here are some pictures of “Molly”…
Hope her sister has found a home too…
She is doing a great job telling her big brother Baxter what is right and what is wrong, she definately keeps him in order which is exactly what we wanted…
She is much loved…
Thanks Danielle & Matt N.



Molly-Sleeping Boston Terrier Beagle Mix Puppy



Testimonial Submitted: April 2, 2008

A Boggle is a cross mix of a Boston Terrier and a Beagle.

You may have heard people saying:  “That Boggles my mind!”

A Goggle is a cross mix of a German Sheperd and a Boggle – Nah, I am just making that up…

Our very own Buster is a Boggle.

Here some pictures of what our adult Boggle Buster looks like:Buster - Our own Boggle





















Buster-Boston Terrier Beagle Mix Breed

















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