Joey – Pompoo Puppy Testimonial

“He is a fantastic addition to our family”

Hi Guys:

Just thought that I would say Hello and to let you know what is happening with our little Black & White Pompoo.  Sorry that I have waited so long to send you this message but we have been very busy with our new little addition and it is summer so we have been outdoors a lot with him.
We all finally agreed on a name after all most a week, his name is JOEY and he is a fantastic addition to our family.  Joey and our cat, TJ are getting along great now, they have fun chasing each other through the house at least 3 times a day.  They are a lot of fun to watch.
Last Thursday we had TJ and Joey to the vet and they both got their needles and neither of them were impressed with that, but we all survived.  Joey has to go back to the vet August 5 to get his rabies shot and then we will make arrangements to get him neutered.  The vet told us that all is well with Joey, he is very health and now weighs a whole 3 pounds.  The only thing that was mentioned is that his right ear does not rise up like his left ear, but his cartilage may repair and be fixed as he grows, so we will have to wait and see. It is so cute when we call him and only one ear rises as he tilts his head to look at us. It is all a bit of his awesome personality.
If you are interested, we will send you pictures soon ………….  we need some bright pictures to send through the computer.  We have a lot of pictures of him but he looks like a black fur ball he is hard to make out. We need to take some picture against something of light color like you did, the outside pics are great as he bounces through the grass.
We are also looking into groomers, he really needs a summer hair cut.  Do you have a groomer that you would recommend that we check into as like we mentioned when we were there to pick Joey up, this is all brand new to us.
From Jackie Dolby-Andrews
Testimonial Submitted: July 15, 2010