Beeboo – Pug mix breed

“She has brought a great deal of happiness in my life”

Beeboo-Pug x Jack Russell mix breed puppy for sale 03Hi there Berry and Leanne!

I’m Danica and I gladly took home one of your girls about a month ago and she’s learning so much! She is starting to respond to sitting, going up stairs (2 steps), walks with me without a leash, she is getting the hang of crate training but she is now fully potty trained! 🙂 […] She has brought a great deal of happiness in my life and I thank you so much! I do have some pictures of her in a pink sweater and as well as a pirate costume for halloween. Here is the most recent picture of her after turning 3 months old! 🙂 once again, thank you so much!!!!

Sorry about the picture quality. They were taken on from my phone 🙂



Testimonial Submitted: November 4, 2010