Cockapoo Puppies – Then and Now!

Cockapoo Puppies and Cockapoo Adults!

Cockapoo puppies - so cute
Louis the cockapoo with awesome hair!


Before adding a cockapoo puppy to your home, many people want to know what they will look like full grown! It is understandable to want to know what the hair will likely look like, how it will grow in, if it will have more or less shedding, and if the colouring will change, among other questions. So we put together a bunch of photos we have from our puppy families with their cockapoo puppies and many of them as they are grown/growing up. It is so fun to see how they mature, and how loved and spoiled they are in their new homes!

This is just a small collection of our cockapoo puppy pictures from over the years, but to see more, visit our facebook page or the testimonial section of this website to see more! We love to receive photos of our cockapoo puppies from their families and see how they are growing and how they grow up!

Cockapoo Family Photos

This is a really adorable litter that was born July 9, 2013. There are 4 siblings pictured here: Finn, Bean, Jynx and Bela! Awesome to watch them all grow and how much they look alike!!

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Another 3 siblings have found each other on our facebook page and are able to watch each other growing up! This is so cool! Here are a few photos of Floyd, Bailey and Buddy Bear, a cockapoo litter born on August 29, 2013.

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Cockapoo Puppies and Cockapoo Adults

Here is adorable Shelby, a cockapoo puppy and growing up!

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Adorable cockapoo puppies and adults will have different hair types and colours. Here is adult cockapoo Ginger and what she would have looked like as an 8 week old puppy. Pictures show before and after hair cut as well. Hair can be left any length you like!

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Bean is an adorable curly haired cockapoo with loads of personality! Many photos of her can be found on our facebook page. Here are just 3 that show the curlier hair of the cockapoo as they mature and what it will look like with a fresh hair cut!

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I love receiving emails or postings on our facebook page! We get them almost daily, and sometimes multiples per day! So much fun to look through!

Here are a few before/after shots of some cockapoo puppies and their new hair cuts! Aren’t they adorable!!!

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