Common Crosses of Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale

Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale – The Hybrids

Our kids love to play with the puppies for sale - this puppy is a shichonWe do not breed these adorable hybrids. This is informational only. Thanks! 🙂

When it comes to buying a puppy, Shih Tzu puppies for sale are still one of the most sought after of breeds. But in the days of the popular hybrid dog, there are now more choices than ever when you look for puppies for sale. You can find many different cross breeds available, but if you still want some of the Shih Tzu look and personality, here are some of the most common crosses you will come across. We have described what is most common to each of these crosses for look, personality, and what all can be expected with various Shih Tzu cross puppies for sale. We have also added some of our photos of each of these litters that we have fostered in the past. Certainly some beautiful hybrid Shih Tzu puppies for sale!


Common Cross Breeds of Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale

  • Shih Tzu x Bichon (Shichon)
  • Shih Tzu x Poodle (Shih Poo)
  • Maltese x Shih Tzu (Malshi)
  • Shih Tzu x Pug (Pug Zu)
  • Shih Tzu x Yorkie (Shorkie)

Shichon – Shih Tzu x Bichon Frise Puppies for Sale

shichon puppies for sale - brown and whiteThe Shichon is generally a small dog, as both parents are smaller sized dogs.  They should have a longer soft undercoat and wavy and has a loosely curled look.  Due to the nature of the hair of both parents, Shichon puppies for sale are low to non-shedding and are considered to be hypo-allergenic and good for those with allergies.  The hair of the Shichon will require a daily brush and regular grooming.  The shorter the hair cut (puppy cut) the easier the maintenance. Shichon puppies for sale can come in various colours, from white to brown/white, tri-colour and more.  The personality of the Shichon is generally quite playful and lively, very alert and friendly. They show much affection to those they are close with and do not like to be without their family for long periods of time.  The Shichon is usually good with kids and other pets when they have been properly socialized from an early age.  They are loyal to their families, and when allowed, can make great watch dogs as they want to protect those they love.  Shichon puppies for sale are also fairly easy to train when consistency is used, along with recommended crate training as a puppy. Shichon puppies do well living in apartments or a home, and will get much of their exercise running indoors, however walks outside are still necessary to keep the puppy happy, thriving and properly socialized and stimulated. Shichon puppies for sale are expected to live 15 years or more when well taken care of.

Shih Poo – Shih Tzu x Poodle

This was one of our sold shihpoo puppies for saleShih poo puppies can vary in size depending on what size poodle they have been bred with.  With the Shih Tzu usually growing up to 16lbs, it is recommended they are bred with a toy or mini poodle. Therefore the adult weight of Shih Poo puppies for sale can vary from quite small (under 10lbs) to a mid-sized adult just over 20lbs, and all would be acceptable based on parents’ sizes. Colours of Shih poo puppies can also have a wide range as the poodle adds a large possible variety of colouring to the mix.  The poodle also adds a lot of intelligence to Shih poo puppies for sale, making them a great hybrid for families to be able to train their puppies. Shih poo puppies are also considered to be low to non-shedding and hypo-allergenic, making them a great choice for those with allergies.  Shih poo puppies for sale also require regular brushing and grooming.  If you do not have the time for extended brushing, a puppy cut is recommended to keep their hair looking great and under control. They can be a great addition to family homes and get along well with children who can be mindful of these puppies small size. They also get along well in apartments when they are able to get out for a good walk daily. With Shih Tzu puppies being so social, the Shih poo also likes to spend much time with their owners and not be left alone for regular extended periods of time. The Shih poo has a long life expectancy of 15 years or more when provided all the proper care and love they need to thrive.

Malshi – Maltese x Shih Tzu

Play time for our malshi puppies for sale in the backyardMalshi puppies are typically fun-loving, intelligent and sweet natured hybrids. When properly trained as puppies these dogs can be wonderful additions to your home.  They love to be around people, love to go for walks and play outdoors, and love to be cuddled!  The malshi should be crate trained as puppies to help with the occasional stubbornness.  They are attention seekers and may get into trouble if left alone too long. These dogs do great in apartments but will still love the outdoor time they are allowed. The hair of malshi puppies needs daily grooming to keep it clean and smooth. Due to the non-shedding nature of both parents, malshi puppies for sale are considered to be hypo-allergenic and good for those suffering with allergies. The colouring of malshi puppies can also vary depending on the colour of the Shih Tzu parent. Malshi puppies are likely to mature less than 16lbs and have a long life expectancy of 15 years or more. They typically do well with children when they have been socialized from an early age, as long as the children show respect for the small size of the malshi puppies for sale.



Pug Zu – Shih Tzu x Pug

Shih Tzu x Pug (or Pugzu) puppies for sale can have a totally different lookThe pug zu is a less common cross of Shih Tzu puppies; however it has become more and more popular in recent years. Pug zu puppies for sale can come in a wide variety of looks due to the extreme differences in the parents. The pug parent has short bristle hairs that do not require any grooming while the Shih Tzu has longer flowing hair that needs daily brushing. Both parents have short snouts so pug zu puppies will inherit that trait.  The hair of pug zu puppies could be long, short, or short with longer hair in some areas.  It will only require grooming if the hair comes in long. Colours can also vary for pug zu puppies for sale depending on which parent they inherit the primary traits. They are likely to have an under bite which is common for both breeds, and is not a fault with pug zu puppies. Pug zu puppies are likely to be comical and fun-loving dogs, highly social and needing daily exercise outside of the home. The pug parent is known for gaining weight too quickly and over eating food that is left out, so it is recommended they are provided their  daily meals and not have food left out at all times. Pug zu puppies for sale are not considered to be non-shedding or hypo-allergenic as a rule. If they take on primarily the characteristics of the Shih Tzu, they may be fine for those suffering with mild or moderate allergies. With this cross, it is best to spend time with pug zu puppies for sale before committing to one to be sure.

 Shorkie – Shih Tzu x Yorkie

Cute little shorkie puppies for saleShorkie puppies for sale can be absolute heart-melters due to their small size and adorable little personalities. When crossed with the Shih Tzu, shorkie puppies should average less than 16lbs full grown, most likely around the 10lb or less size. They can have stunning colouring when the Shih Tzu and yorkie colouring are combined. Their hair will grow long, and daily grooming will be required. A puppy cut is ideal for those who don’t have extra time for grooming. Shorkie puppies are considered to be low to non-shedding, hypo-allergenic and good for those dealing with allergies. Shorkie puppies can do well with children who mind the small size of the puppies. Due to the small and delicate frame, care needs to be taken they do not fall from heights or stairs, or get tripped on by children or other pets. They can make excellent watch dogs in spite of their small stature as they are known to give warning barks when people approach their home. The average life span of shorkie puppies for sale is about 15 years. The shorkie can be fine in an apartment or home, but would still benefit from a daily walk and socialization.

This list of Shih Tzu cross puppies for sale is not complete, however these are just the most common Shih Tzu hybrids. There is something great about each one; all that is left is for you to fall in love with the Shih Tzu puppies for sale hybrid of your choice.