Sleeping through the night, not a peep!

“He is perfect…!!!”

Well Hello!
I thought I would give you a quick update on the puppy! So far SO good! He is perfect…!!! The first night he slept right thought the night, not a peep out of him. The past few nights have pretty much been the same. He has woken up a few times but nothing major just looking for some love. He is by far the most affectionate dog I have ever come across. He wants to be held all the time and just snuggles right up! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this little guy!! He is having a bit of trouble going to the washroom, but that is to be expected, however he did go to the washroom the first time outside this morning!! I was SO HAPPY!
As far as the Vet situation goes, we found a great one through a friend of ours who own two dogs. They are great and just love him! We met them today and gave them all his info and got his second shots done. We left a stool sample with them and they will get back to us if anything is wrong. They said he seems perfectly healthy though and should be fine. I will e-mail you some pictures shortly!
Hope all is well and thank you again for this wee guy!
Vanessa I.
Testimonial Submitted:  June 18, 2008
We took Daisie to the vets yesterday for her needle deworming and flea. She has been adjusting very well to our home. She seems quite happy.
Talk to you soon
Testimonial Submitted:  June 22, 2008
Dokota-a Labrador Retriever x  Collie Mix Breed Puppy

“Walking around like she owns the place”

Hey its Shazmin, about a week ago i picked up your female Collie Lab. We named her Dokota, and shes doing great. teething which isnt all that fun but shes great. shes eating, napping and walking around like she owns the shes home! lol. i actually have a question; i don’t know if this matters but, Her mom and Dad, which was the Collie and the Lab? because i’ve heard that most dogs get their fathers personality. i know it may be werid but i was just wondering.
 Testimonial Submitted:  July 7, 2008
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