Bringing Home A Puppy For Christmas

When Is The Best Time To Bring Your New Puppy Home?We have fluffy and small Christmas puppies for sale.

As the Christmas season is fast upon us, we notice that for many people, bringing a puppy home for Christmas may seem like the best time to bring your new puppy home. Surprising a spouse or children with a little bundle of joy is thought to be one of the happiest Christmas moments. After having spent more than 4.5 years working with puppies and adult dogs, we at Curious Puppies are aware of all the love and joy puppies can bring to families. However we do have some ideas about when is the best time to bring your new puppy home.

Is Christmas The Best Time To Bring Home Your New Puppy?

There are many things puppies for sale at Christmas can get into!There are many good times as well as not so good time to bring your new puppy home. The ideal times are when it is calm, quiet and stress-free! You will need to devote extra time to your new puppy, so a weekend or short break can be a good time to bring your new puppy home. You do not necessarily need to take a week or more off of work, or plan to spend the entire summer devoted to training your new puppy. The idea is to give a calm first day to your puppy with extra attention to his needs and Cockapoos make excellent family pets and are a good choice when looking for puppies for saleshowing him what is expected of him, and then move him into your regular routine in a matter of the first few days. The new puppy will need to acclimate into your lifestyle, and not the other way around. Christmas morning puppies will be surrounded by noise and a busy chaotic day. There may be many strangers around, possibly noisy excited children as well, and the puppy can get easily stressed. Plus, with all the Christmas decorations, the presents, Christmas Poinsettias (which are toxic plants to puppies and all dogs!) and of course, the ever-tempting Christmas tree, there are many more possible areas for the puppy to get into trouble! On top of all of this, the decision to bring home a new puppy needs to be carefully planned out and discussed as a family/couple, as we are aware that many people re-home puppies after Christmas because the idea to purchase a puppy was not thought out and was based on a whim. Understanding all these things, Christmas is not necessarily the best time to bring a new puppy into your home.

What Do We Recommend Is The Best Time To Bring Your New Puppy Home

Our Boston Terrier x Beagle loves the cozy warm Christmas time!At Curious Puppies, we do understand the excitement and joy of the new puppy around Christmas time. Our recommendation for Christmas puppies is to bring the new puppy home at least 1 week before or after Christmas, to give him a chance to calmly be introduced to his new home, feeding schedule, family members, possibly other pets, and crate, if using. He will need to be introduced to the expected bathroom routine as well, which ideally is done every hour or two on the first few days home. This is hardly ideal on Christmas day, when he is likely to be having accidents around the house, or kept too long in the crate to keep him safe. Since this could be tramatic either way, it is best to carefully choose the best time to bring your new puppy home in advance.



But Christmas Puppies Are So Cute!

Don’t we know it! Taking pictures of the puppy dressed up in little Christmas costumes, or adorable little coats, in front of the Christmas tree or decorations, or snuggled up sound asleep on your warm sweater. However you look at it, Christmas puppies are quite irresistable! But you need to keep in mind what is best for your new puppy and how to make his adjustment to your home as easy as possible. When you think about these things, bringing a new puppy home at just the right time for all of you will be one of the best decisions you make.

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