Cockapoo Puppy Testimonial – November 2008

“We couldn’t have asked for a cuter and sweeter puppy”

Just wanted to thank you guys for all the time and effort in helping us after the fact.

Fonzi is a wonderful pup, he just needs more attention than imaginable. I am trying to remind myself that we are following the guidlines and everything will work out. I am going to work with him time and time again until he does not pee inside but gradually teach him that I am coming back and being left alone is temporary. Easier said than done. It seems if I leave him alone especially out of the crate he has a #1 accident, he is however perfect with #2. We couldn’t have asked for a cuter and sweeter puppy. Thanks again. If anyone needed a new puppy I would tell them to contact you!

Matt, Mel and the kids

Testimonial Submitted: November 8, 2008