Ringo – Cockapoo Puppy We Had For Sale – Testimonial

“Brought our family a lot of joy and happiness”

Ringo-Cockapoo Puppy For Sale - a Cocker Spaniel - Poodle Mix BreedHello, We purchased a Cockapoo from Curious Puppies back on Dec 5, 2010 and have named him Ringo. He has brought our family a lot of joy and happiness. Ringo is very sociable and loves attention.

We are feeding Ringo puppy food (Royal Canine) and are preparing to start him on adult food. We don’t recall the background of the father nor the mother. Can you tell us the breed of the SIRE (Sunrise Acres Skipper) and the breed of the Dam (Pine Hollow Tracy 138). Which was the Poodle and which was the Cocker Spaniel? Also, can you provide their birth city.

We have attached a recent picture of Ringo.


Matthew Tersigni

Testimonial Submitted: May 1, 2011