‘A Boy and His Dog’ Story

Honey!The Best Dog in the World!

My son saved all his money for a few years. We surprised him when we brought him to Berrys and Leannes backyard where there were two beautiful puppies. The one liked him very much; she kept licking him and following him; he decided she’s the one. On the way home we noticed that under all her black fur was a beautiful honey colour.  So naturally, we called her “Honey”.  For the first year we never even heard her bark, she was such a good girl. The first time she barked was at a water bottle on the floor.  She really liked the moving water inside.  When we carried her downstairs, she would “hug” our arm with her two front paws. 🙂 (She still does that when we rub her chest and neck.) She loves to play hind and go seek with our son.  She can find him anywhere, inside or outside the house, no matter how many laps or where he went before he actually hid.  She Loves Frisbee and can do many jumps and tricks.  She is 3 years old now and is still the best dog in the world!


Testimonial Submitted August 1, 2012

Curious Puppies note: Honey was born April 27, 2009. If you have a sibling, we’d love to hear from you!